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Book an Appointment


Book a GP appointment with Canadian Virtual Doctors any time of the day or night. Use your phone, tablet or laptop to select your desired appointment and a GP will call you at that time.

We can offer appointments seven days a week, and our extended opening hours mean that you can get an appointment early or late in the working day.

Canadian Walk-in Doctors Atlantic Canada always puts quality and convenience to its patients at the forefront of its activities.


Canadian Virtual Doctors is not an emergency medical service

If you have a life-threatening emergency, do not try to make an appointment. Please call 911 without delay.

What will I need for my appointment?


How do I prepare for a GP phone appointment?

Shortly before your appointment, ensure you have a quiet place to talk on the phone. Have your social insurance number ready, and any medications you wish to talk about. This includes prescribed meds, as well as medications you get over the counter from the pharmacist and herbal preparations. It can help to note down a few questions you would like to ask your GP, too.

What if the doctor needs to see my symptoms?

Should the doctor decide they need to view your symptoms, they will arrange a video conference that you can join on your smartphone. This is more usual with rashes and skin conditions.