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Book an Appointment


Our booking page is open 24-hours, so if you have a health worry, make a doctor appointment now and take a step toward feeling better. There is no need to wait until we open, and you don’t have to speak to anyone to make your appointment.

We have appointments with GPs available from 8am to 6:30pm, every day of the week. The booking app will walk you through the process.


Canadian Virtual Doctors is not an emergency medical service

If you have a life-threatening emergency, do not try to make an appointment. Please call 911 without delay.

What will happen at my virtual GP appointment?


When the time comes for your virtual doctor’s appointment, the doc will call you.

Canadian Virtual Doctors Manitoba always puts quality and convenience to its patients at the forefront of its activities.

Do I need to get anything ready for my telehealth appointment?

Before your appointment, it’s a good idea to gather together everything you will need so you have the information handy as you talk. You will need:

  • a quiet, private place
  • your social insurance number

If you are calling about a prescription renewal, it is helpful to have a list of meds you are taking (including medication that you buy from the pharmacy without a prescription). And it may be useful to have the details of the pharmacy where you would like to pick up your meds .

In some cases, your doctor will want to see your symptoms – this is most common with rashes and skin conditions. They will arrange a video call which you can take on your smartphone or on a computer.