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International Patients


Expert GP advice for visitors to Canada


Canadian Virtual Doctors provides health advice at a time and place that suits you. It is ideal for travellers visiting Canada.

Get support accessing healthcare services in Canada from our experienced Canadian GPs. Use our online booking system to make a phone appointment at your convenience.

We charge a flat fee of $120 for a 15-minute phone consultation appointment with a GP. Your GP will organise a video call if they consider it necessary.

Our GP service is not suitable if you need emergency care. Please call 911 or use your nearest ER facility if you require immediate medical attention for a life-threatening condition.


How can I see a GP while visiting Canada?


GPs in Canada are a first point of contact for many patients. They can help with:

  • family medicine
  • preventative care
  • health education
  • long-term conditions
  • prescriptions and prescription renewals

GPs can diagnose and advise on more than 500 common ailments over the phone. It is quick and easy to get healthcare advice from Canadian Virtual Doctors on non-emergency conditions such as digestive problems, sore throats and general aches.

Just make an appointment with Canadian Virtual Doctors.


iconWhat if I need testing or physiotherapy for my health condition?

Your GP may direct you to another service, for example a lab for diagnostic tests, or a physiotherapist. They may also refer you to a specialist if that is needed. You will have to pay for these services separately.

iconA virtual doctor for visitors to Canada

Canadian Virtual Doctors is a leader in delivering virtual GP health by telephone and video consultation. We have the best and most professional physicians and general practitioners who have immense experience in family medicine.




There are more than 500 non-emergency illnesses that can be safely dealt with over the phone. Your GP may ask for a video call if you have a rash or a skin condition that they need to look at.

If the GP knows that your ailment cannot be managed with a phone or video consultation, they will direct you to the nearest ER facility.

Please check the terms of your travel insurance before making an appointment. This will tell you whether you can claim the cost of your GP appointment and any other medical treatment you receive in Canada. Healthcare in Canada is not free and we will ask you to pay up front for your GP consultation. All visitors to Canada should have travel health insurance.

You can pay for your GP appointment securely online. The cost of a 15-minute telephone or video consultation with one of our GPs is $120.

You will need a quiet, private place to take the call with your GP. Note down any questions you have for your GP. It will also help to have any medications you are taking – including over-the-counter meds, and herbal medicines.